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Discover the The Truth About Bankruptcy and start down the path to a future free of the debt that has controlled your life.  Bankruptcy sparks intense emotions in many people.  A stigma has become attached to a transaction that even the Founding Fathers knew was necessary when they crafted the Constitution we live under here in the United States.

We at Allmand Law know that bankruptcy is a valid and necessary option for many people. Our number one goal is to help clients deal with a tough situation.  From the first visit to our office, we want to show you the benefits available to you through bankruptcy protections.

In our experience, anyone is a job loss or unexpected emergency away from needing a bankruptcy attorney. Let us help you get your creditors off your back, prevent foreclosure and repossession of your home, and helping you keep as many assets as possible to secure your fresh start.

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Why do I need to submit a new wage order when I modify my plan

When we modify your bankruptcy plan we are changing your plan payments. This means that we have to get with your employer and change the terms and amount of your wage order. The only way we can do that is by filling out a new wage order form.  

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What happens if the stay terminates on my home?

If the bankruptcy stay terminates on your home that means that even though your in bankruptcy, your creditor can pursue all there legal remedies they can pursue if you were not in bankruptcy. This includes foreclosure, and having your house sold and evicting you from your house.

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