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What To Do If You Miss The 45 Day Deadline For Bankruptcy's Required Personal Financial Management Class

Posted By admin || 10-Nov-2008

It's quite common for debtors filing for bankruptcy to forget or not realize that they are required to take a Personal Financial Management course within 45 days after filing for bankruptcy. So what do you do if your bankruptcy case is past the 45 day mark and you never took the second required course? First, don't panic.

Contact your bankruptcy attorney immediately and ask if the bankruptcy case has been closed. Sometimes, the 45 day filing limit is not an issue as long as you take the required course before the case is closed. If your bankruptcy case has not been closed take the course immediately and file the certificate with the court.

If your bankruptcy case was closed before you could complete the Personal Financial Management course most judges will allow a debtor to reopen a bankruptcy case for the purpose of filing the certificate.  There's usually a fee to reopen the case, around $200; but it's worth every penny to get your bankruptcy discharge.

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