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Recent Posts in Debt Consolidation

  • Four Reasons Why Debt Settlement May Be A Raw Deal

    Posted By admin || 9-Sep-2010

    Unemployment has remained elevated, salaries stagnant and debts continue to pile high. The blood and chaos from the current financial environment has brought out the vultures and those vultures come by many names; but today we're going to talk about one of them --- debt settlement companies. Okay, let's clarify, not every debt settlement company is unscrupulous, unethical or useless but many are ...
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  • New Debt Settlement Rules You Need To Know About

    Posted By admin || 14-Aug-2010

    With the rise in unemployment and the accompanying rise in debt defaults, the debt settlement industry has been booming. Unfortunately for consumers, many of the debt settlement companies fail to deliver on their promise of settling debts for pennies on the dollar. This failure has resulted in thousands of complaints against debt settlement companies, crackdowns by the Federal Trade Commission ...
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  • Federal Trade Commission Bans Upfront Fees Charged By Debt Settlement Firms

    Posted By admin || 11-Aug-2010

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that it is banning debt settlement firms and other debt-relief companies from charging advance fees for their services. FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz, said that new ban is part of a larger modified rule that will require these debt settlement and debt-relief companies to disclose to customers an estimate of how much time and money it will take the ...
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  • Three Ways Debt Settlement Companies Can Ruin Your Finances

    Posted By admin || 20-Jun-2010

    Debt settlement is becoming very popular now that the recession is stretching into its third year. One of the appealing aspects of the debt settlement pitch is the idea that a debtor can pay only pennies on the dollar for a debt and avoid bankruptcy. But the truth about debt settlement is that it rarely can deliver on its promises and often leaves debtors in a worse financial condition. Let's take ...
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  • Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy As "Debtor In Possession"

    Posted By admin || 26-Sep-2009

    For self-employed and small business owners considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy, filing bankruptcy creates anxiety about their ability to continue operating their business and earning an income. Fortunately, the bankruptcy laws allow business owners to file bankruptcy as a "debtor in possession." What that means is that the debtor is allowed to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy and continue to operate ...
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  • Getting to Know Reaffirmation

    Posted By admin || 1-Sep-2009

    Reaffirmation is where you consent to paying back all or part of a debt even though you may not have had to. Before the 1978 Bankruptcy Code put an end to it, creditors used to trick debtors into reaffirming their debts. The process of tricking debtors isn't as complicated as you would think, because all the creditor had to do was get the debtor to admit knowledge of the debt. Debtors can thank ...
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  • Debt Takes a Toll on Your Health

    Posted By admin || 27-Aug-2009

    A study by AOL Health and the Associated Press shows that as debt related stress raises, your health decreases. Debt is a useful tool that nearly everyone uses. Debts can range from credit cards, student loans, mortgages, 401K loans, home equity lines of credit, car payments, etc. Some types of debt have actually proven to be good investments. Student loans are excellent when used correctly, ...
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  • Disabled Debtor Denied Discharge of Student Loans

    Posted By admin || 24-Aug-2009

    In the bankruptcy case of Miller v. Sallie Mae Inc. (In re Miller) a disabled debtor who owed $20,624 on Parent Plus loans for her children's education was denied a bankruptcy discharge of her student loans because she could not prove that continuing to pay the student loan payment would cause her to fall below the minimal standard of living. The details of the bankruptcy case: The debtor is ...
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  • Bankruptcy Court Rules Mortgage Invalid

    Posted By admin || 20-Aug-2009

    In the bankruptcy case of (Wahl, David W. Jr. and Marlaina A.; In re (Rieser, Trustee, v. Fifth Third Mortgage Corp.)) the bankruptcy court ruled that a mortgage is not effective if the borrower's signature is not acknowledged by the notary. The details of the bankruptcy case: In 2007, the debtors acquired title to land by quitclaim deed. The defendant financed the debtors' purchase of the land. ...
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  • Common Mistakes Before Bankruptcy

    Posted By admin || 17-Aug-2009

    Follow this advice if bankruptcy might be on the horizon. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in the near future, you should make sure that you do not make pre-filing mistakes. Many people repeat these mistakes, because they are trying to make honest efforts to get their financial situation in order. The unfortunate part is that some of your attempts to make things better end up making ...
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  • Student Loans and Your Financial Health

    Posted By admin || 2-Aug-2009

    As the economy worsens, many adults who have experienced a job loss are thinking about returning to school to learn a new skill and become more manageable in today's job market. Unfortunately, getting a second degree usually means more student loan debts, especially for the "mature" student. If you're considering returning to school and taking out student debts there are a few things you may want ...
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  • Student Loans and Bankruptcy: Can I Discharge My Loans?

    Posted By admin || 20-Jul-2009

    Discharging Student Loans and Bankruptcy Many people ask me about discharging student loans when they're looking into filing for bankruptcy. Typically, student loans aren't discharged during bankruptcy proceedings. It's not impossible to accomplish if you can show that paying the student loan debt "will impose an undue hardship on you and your dependents". Bankruptcy judges use various tests to ...
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  • Rebuilding Credit

    Posted By admin || 17-Jul-2009

    Ah. Do you feel that weight lifted off your shoulders? You have successfully filed bankruptcy, and in doing so, you have made your first step toward repairing you credit. It feels liberating to not have creditors calling you on a nightly basis with sometimes-hostile demands that you make payments you can't possibly afford. Instead of demand letters, you are receiving credit applications. What a ...
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