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  • Medical Bills May Surpass Credit Card and Mortgage Debt as Leading Cause of Bankruptcy

    Posted By Allmand Law Firm, PLLC || 27-Mar-2014

    A recent study continues to confirm one of most leading causes of consumer bankruptcy: medical bills. Yet, the study also brought to light other significant points that may hint medical bills may become the number one reason why bankruptcy is filed. Unpaid medical bills may surpass mortgage debt and credit card debt for various reasons, despite more people getting access to healthcare insurance. ...
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  • When Bankruptcy Can Help You Deal with Medical Debt

    Posted By Allmand Law Firm, PLLC || 12-Feb-2014

    Medical bills continue to be one of most common reasons why consumers file bankruptcy. Even if you have health coverage it can be challenging to pay co-pays for doctor visits, prescription medications, and make payments on bills your insurance did not cover. Millions of Americans continue to juggle their finances by trying to make their money stretch to take care of other obligations such as ...
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  • Medical Debt Continues to Be Leading Cause of Bankruptcy

    Posted By Allmand Law Firm, PLLC || 29-Aug-2013

    Out of the 70 percent of Americans who file for bankruptcy, over 60 percent of them file due to debt from medical bills. Many consumers continue to struggle in paying medical bills and it continues to be the leading cause of bankruptcy. A recent report looks at how ethnic groups such as Latinos face ongoing struggles in paying medical debt with 1 in 4 having difficulties in paying their bills. ...
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  • Medical Debt Continues To Be Driving Force Behind Bankruptcy Filings

    Posted By Allmand Law Firm, PLLC || 28-Jun-2013

    A new study confirms what many American households continue to struggle with; debt from medical bills. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy such bills continue to be one of the main reasons why people seek legal protection. Besides rising medical costs, other reasons bankruptcy is commonly filed include unpaid mortgages and credit card debt. Even those who have health insurance coverage are ...
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  • Rising Drug Costs Contributing to Personal Bankruptcy Filings

    Posted By Allmand Law Firm, PLLC || 22-May-2013

    Medical debt continues to be one of the most common reasons why people file personal bankruptcy. Yet, recent studies may provide evidence that rising drug costs are partly to blame. Medical debt related to unpaid bills is one matter, but for those who are dealing with a medical illness, the rising cost of medicine is making it more difficult for consumers to pay debt obligations outside of their ...
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  • Using Bankruptcy to Stop Medical Debt Collections

    Posted By admin || 2-Apr-2013

    Filing Bankruptcy to Stop Medical Debt Collections Medical debt continues to be one of the top reasons why bankruptcy is filed. Yet, many debtors are unaware of how the filing process can help stop medical debt collections. Whether you're facing a pending lawsuit for an outstanding balance, having wages or funds garnished from your account, need legal assistance in making affordable payments, or ...
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  • Can I File Bankruptcy for Just Medical Debt Only?

    Posted By admin || 25-Mar-2013

    Medical bills continue to be one of the main reasons why consumers seek bankruptcy protection. Anyone who has dealt with a long term illness, hospitalization, being underinsured or no medical coverage is aware of rising healthcare costs. Even a brief stay at the hospital has been known to create a financial burden on monthly living expenses. It is one thing to be overwhelmed in debt, but what if ...
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  • Medical Bills Continue to Be Leading Cause of Consumer Bankruptcy Filings

    Posted By admin || 5-Nov-2012

    A 2007 study completed by the American Journal of Medicine looked at statistics of consumers who filed bankruptcy and found that 90 percent of consumers who filed bankruptcy due to mounting medical bills had $5,000 or more in medical debt. Even consumers with medical coverage have been subject to increased medical costs since their insurance may offer limited coverage. Some consumers may have even ...
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  • Medical Debt of a Victim

    Posted By admin || 5-Oct-2012

    Unfortunately with medical bills they don't solely rack up from falling ill or injuring yourself in an accident. There are some that face medical bills because they became a victim to a crime. When a crime occurs, such as a mugging, the ambulance is called and you are rushed to the emergency room (if necessary) leaving you with medical debt. There are some ways you can choose to handle these ...
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  • Medical Bills Up to Seven Figures

    Posted By admin || 2-Oct-2012

    In 2010, Steven Stacey was in a very bad car accident involving his cousin and two friends. Although his mother, Michelle, was notified she did not get much detail when the accident occurred. As her son fought for his life and underwent an operation at the Saint Francis Medical Center in Missouri, Michelle did what any other parent would do. She did not worry about the medical costs associated ...
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  • Where to Turn if You Have Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 14-Sep-2012

    When you have mounting medical bills and are struggling to regain your health it's easy to feel isolated, alone, and down on your luck. This is one of those times in life where you need to reach out to others and ask for help. No one should feel bad about asking for help when they need it. And even if you're willing to ask for help, many people don't actually know who or where to turn, especially ...
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  • Common Mistakes on Medical Bills

    Posted By admin || 5-Sep-2012

    We often suggest that our readers take the time to review all of their medical bills in detail to see if there are any errors. Medical billing errors are quite often a reason for insurance companies to deny payment. It's one of those denials that can successfully be fought and won, this can mean the difference between small payments you were due and thousands and thousands of dollars. Common ...
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  • Free Healthcare Services

    Posted By admin || 4-Sep-2012

    Healthcare bills are a growing crisis among Americans, even those with insurance are having a hard time paying their medical expenses. One of the best ways to combat medical debt is by taking advantage of as much free healthcare as you possibly can. Typically these free medical services are preventative or diagnostic in nature, which means that you not only will get the free care, but you may be ...
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  • Save Money by Keeping a Healthcare Notebook

    Posted By admin || 31-Aug-2012

    Very few people read all of the information they're provided when they sign up for health insurance, and this could be costing you money. If you sit down and actually go through your health care information you will learn what providers you can see, when you can get coverage for certain procedures, how much coverage they'll provide, what amounts are going to be yours and what you'll share with the ...
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  • How to Set Up Your Own Medical Debt Settlement

    Posted By admin || 28-Aug-2012

    It doesn't take much for medical bills to become overwhelming and to cause financial strain on an individual. When the medical situation gets a little more intense the bills quickly skyrocket and many Americans then opt for bankruptcy as the only way to get away from that debt. There are few options when dealing with medical debt, you either file for bankruptcy and watch your debts fade away or ...
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  • Infographic: Mixed Prospects for Texas' Uninsured

    Posted By admin || 24-Aug-2012

    Many believed the Affordable Care Act was the route to a better future. Not just for the current generations but for the future children of America. The reality is much more dire as the number of uninsured in the U.S. hit an all time high in June 2012. Texas is one state that has been hit the hardest and currently has the greatest number of uninsured citizens in the United States. Here's a ...
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  • How to Get a Discount from My Doctor?

    Posted By admin || 13-Aug-2012

    Individuals with medical debt will get a lot of suggestions on how to deal with their bills but not a lot of information on how to actually get those discounts, leaving them to fend for themselves. While there are other ways to get medical discounts, turning to the source, your doctor, may be the best way to cut your medical bills. The first step is to accept that you'll probably have medical debt ...
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  • Can Your Job Help Cut Medical Bills?

    Posted By admin || 7-Aug-2012

    Believe it or not, if you're worried about potential medical bills, you may want to change jobs. A decade or two ago health insurance was covered by employers and that was a given. The employee rarely had to pay anything toward their insurance coverage (and their family's coverage as well) and if they did it was minimal. Boy, how times have changed. Now the health package that an employer provides ...
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  • Fight Medical Debt by Cutting Medical Costs

    Posted By admin || 31-Jul-2012

    It is estimated that one in five Americans struggled with medical debt in 2011, a staggering thought when you consider you might be one illness away from mounting medical debt yourself. There are a number of different ways to handle medical debt and one of the best is before you even incur the debt. Health care is expensive, even for people who have health insurance so to avoid those expenses ...
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  • Ways to Cut Medical Bills

    Posted By admin || 23-Jul-2012

    Paying expensive medical bills is something that every American should think about, whether they currently have medical debt, are anticipating medical debt or aren't even thinking about it. The cost of medical care in this country has skyrocketed and for those people lucky enough to have insurance, they're noticing that even that isn't protecting them from astounding medical bills. The best way to ...
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  • What You Should Know About Bankruptcy and Medical Bills

    Posted By admin || 20-Jun-2012

    Medical debt continues to be one of the most common reasons why consumers file for bankruptcy protection. Since unemployment continues to be a challenge for many Americans across the country there is a continued lack of financial support for medical insurance coverage. The same is likely for those who are underemployed. Even some with medical coverage find themselves struggling to keep up with ...
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  • Tips to Help Manage Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 6-Jun-2012

    Tips to Help You Deal With Your Medical Debt If you've got a mountain of medical bills staring you in the face you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. The following medical debt tips should help you deal with your bills and get back on your feet in the fastest time possible with the least amount of trouble. Keep Perspective While carrying debt is no fun and can weight on your mind, remember ...
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  • Help to Detect Medical Billing Errors

    Posted By admin || 10-May-2012

    Need Help Detecting Medical Billing Errors? We often tell our readers that reviewing their medical bills for errors is essential, that it can help them get payments from their insurance company and save money on medical bills. It seems that this task has opened the doors for some entrepreneurs to start a business dedicated to helping people review their medical bills. CoPatient provides free ...
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  • Medical Errors and Medication Mix-ups Affect Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 30-Apr-2012

    Hospitals are incorporated into modern day society to help people feel better. However, after some alarming studies done on hospitals, uncovered were some pretty horrific events. There are a lot of people that are looking into becoming their own health advocates. In recent years, various errors performed in treatment have caused the amount of medical debt to rise throughout the United States. ...
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  • Family Members Reaching Out for Help

    Posted By admin || 26-Apr-2012

    Whether they have insurance or not many people find their loved ones owing tens of thousands in medical debt. Not only do loved ones try to find ways to pay off their loved ones medical bills, but neighbors and friends also often pitch in as well. Deductibles, co-pays, outside of network expenses, expensive drugs, and the list goes on and on, about how the patient's medical debt can quickly add ...
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  • Fix Mistakes on Medical Bills

    Posted By admin || 23-Apr-2012

    Do you know that even a small error in the spelling of your name, your address or a couple inverted numbers can affect how, or if, your insurance company pays your medical bills. We can't stress strongly enough how important it is to check each of your medical bills to make sure that they are accurate, from the spelling of your name through to the charges and diagnoses. The first things you should ...
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  • Can I File Bankruptcy on Medical Bills Alone?

    Posted By admin || 17-Jan-2012

    Bankruptcy and Medical Debt Many consumers find themselves drowning in medical debt and wonder can bankruptcy be filed for medicals bills without including other debt such as credit cards and other accounts. You can file bankruptcy for your medical bills but it is unlikely you'll be able to file without including other debts. While bankruptcy may allow you to wipe away debt or restructure it with ...
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  • Medical Bankruptcy: A Timing Issue

    Posted By admin || 12-Jan-2012

    Medical bills seem to grow exponentially, one visit to a doctor is bad enough but when there are additional tests and treatments added to the bill, visits and consults with specialists and then huge prescription charges; well, suddenly you're drowning in medical debt and it feels like there is no way out. Filing for bankruptcy is not something that should be taken lightly, whether you're doing it ...
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  • Five Ways to Deal with Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 11-Jan-2012

    Ways to Deal with Medical Debt Medical debt is a huge problem across the united states with more than 60% of Americans citing it as the straw that broke the financial camel's back, so to speak, and pushed them into bankruptcy. If you've amassed a hefty amount of medical debt there are some things you can try to help reduce the amount owed. Medical Discount Ask your healthcare provider's medical ...
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  • Cancer Care Comes With Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 10-Jan-2012

    Cancer and Medical Debt According to Cure one of the big side effects of cancer is financial toxicity. It's easy to rack up medical bills when fighting for your life against cancer, in addition to the co-payments, the deductibles, the uncovered costs, the days and hours lost from work, the trips to the doctor, the bills climb quickly and it's been reported that the bankruptcy rates increase ...
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  • A Deeper Look at Medical Bankruptcy

    Posted By admin || 5-Jan-2012

    Medical Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a big decision to make as it can save you from financial ruin. If you're thinking about filing for bankruptcy due to your medical debt, you should take a deeper look and review the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy. The first thing to realize is that filing bankruptcy for medical reasons is just like filing for any other reason, its exactly the same process and ...
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  • How Medical Debts Lead To Bankruptcy

    Posted By admin || 2-Dec-2011

    Medical Debts and Bankruptcy Recovering from a major illness or injury often means recovery financially from mounting medical debt. Even individuals with health insurance find that medical debt is a leading cause for considering bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many debtors consider bankruptcy long after they have substantially whittled away at their limited resources and assets. Below are a few ways ...
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  • Medical Credit Cards Could Endanger Your Finances

    Posted By admin || 2-Sep-2011

    Why You Shouldn't Get a Medical Credit Card Medical credit cards are lines of credit designed to pay for medical expense such as surgery or medications. Many medical credit cards come with a low introductory rate of zero percent but after a few months can balloon to an interest rate as high as 30 percent. There is big business in medicine and in debt and it seems that the medical industry and the ...
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  • Health Insurance Hikes Could Send More To Bankruptcy

    Posted By admin || 10-Nov-2010

    Health insurance premiums for individual policies nationwide have increased 20 percent on average, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. And the Texas Department of Insurance reported that individual health insurance premiums in Texas alone have increased as much as a 7.5 percent, putting more people at risk for medical debt and eventually bankruptcy. Mike Nash expected his ...
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  • 4 Ways To Prevent Medical Debt From Wrecking Your Retirement

    Posted By admin || 9-Nov-2010

    Your Retirement and Medical Debt Even for Americans who have held steady, well-paying jobs throughout their working years, medical debt can still wreck their retirement security. Below are four things debtors can do to prevent medical debt from destroying their retirement: Purchase and keep comprehensive health insurance. This is often easier said than done; but good health insurance is the ...
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  • I Filed Bankruptcy A Few Years Ago Now I'm Drowning In Medical Debt...Help!

    Posted By admin || 28-Oct-2010

    Falling back into debt after bankruptcy is horrible but it is not the end of the world. Post-bankruptcy debtors fall back into debt for many reasons; but one of the most common reasons is because they have medical bills they simply cannot afford to pay. Below are a few tips on what a post-bankruptcy debtor can do if they have accumulated medical debt only a few short years after bankruptcy: Find ...
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  • How The Lack Of Health Insurance Jeopardizes Your Financial Health

    Posted By admin || 19-Oct-2010

    Medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy; but for some reason this fact has not convinced many Americans to make sure they are fully insured. So, just to emphasize the point, below is a list of several ways that the lack of health insurance jeopardizes your financial health: When you don't have health insurance you tend to avoid going for checkups and could miss the early signs that ...
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  • How To Deal With The Financial Fallout Of A Medical Emergency

    Posted By admin || 24-Jun-2010

    Medical emergencies don't just cause us physical pain, they can also add to the emotional and financial stress of an already overburdened debtor. So what can a debtor do to minimize the financial fallout of a medical emergency? The first step to dealing with a medical emergency is to assess the financial damage. How much are the medical bills? Are you able to continue work? Maybe you need to cut ...
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  • Three Changes That May Keep Some College Graduates Out Of Bankruptcy

    Posted By admin || 8-Jun-2010

    Extended dependent healthcare coverage for unmarried children up to the age of 26. Under the health care bill, as of September 23, 2010 (if all goes as planned) many youth will have access to their parents' healthcare coverage through college and even afterwards during a time when many college graduates struggle financially. In recent years there has been an increase in the number of college ...
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  • Is Medical Debt Causing Hospital Bankruptcy Filings?

    Posted By admin || 22-May-2010

    The country has been hit by a string of hospital bankruptcy filings and closings that could impact healthcare access for many communities. St. Vincent's Hospital is the latest hospital to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the hope that the bankruptcy filing will allow it to continue operating and caring for its patients until it closes. The hospital filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy with more than $1 ...
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  • President Obama Signs Health Care Reform Bill

    Posted By admin || 30-Apr-2010

    President Obama has signed the landmark $875 billion health care reform bill into law at the White House. In our previous blog we discussed changes that could take effect immediately; but below are some changes that could take effect by 2016. • New health insurance subsidies would be provided to families of four making up to $88,000 annually, or 400 percent of the federal poverty level. • Health ...
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  • Will The New Health Care Bill Reduce Medical Bankruptcy?

    Posted By admin || 2-Apr-2010

    Sunday night, legislators in the House of Representatives voted for the historic health care reform bill which will be signed into law on Tuesday by President Obama. But will this shift in how Americans receive health care impact the number of medical bankruptcies in this country. Well let's take a look at some of the provisions in the new bill. What will become effective immediately? Health ...
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  • More Medical Debt For Senior Citizens As Healthcare Costs Rise

    Posted By admin || 29-Mar-2010

    More senior citizens may face mounting medical debt as monthly premiums rise on popular Medicare Advantage plans with drug benefits. Senior citizens enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans with drug benefits will see an increase of 14.2 percent for their monthly premiums this year as opposed to the 5.2 percent increase they experienced from 2008 to 2009. The health insurance industry blames the ...
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  • Four Tips For The Post Bankruptcy You

    Posted By admin || 22-Mar-2010

    Bankruptcy offers debtors the chance at a fresh financial start. But what does a debtor do once their debt has been discharged and their bankruptcy case closed? Below are four tips every post bankruptcy debtor should follow if they want to start their fresh start out on the right foot. Live within your means. Debtors exiting bankruptcy must learn to rely less on debt and more on the real income ...
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  • Can A Health Care Overhaul Reduce Medical Bankruptcy?

    Posted By admin || 22-Mar-2010

    The Obama administration and legislators are currently debating the feasibility of health care reform. Senate majority Leader Harry Reid made an interesting observation about how medical debt often influences a debtor's decision to file for bankruptcy: "In 2008, about 750,000 bankruptcies were filed. About 70 percent of those bankruptcies were filed because of health care costs. Eighty percent of ...
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  • Even "The Hulkster" Can't Wrestle With Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 5-Feb-2010

    Hulk Hogan Files Bankruptcy During wrestling celebrity Hulk Hogan's (Terry Bollea) divorce from Linda Hogan (Linda Bollea) finances were a constant point of battle. His ex-wife accused him of hiding assets and Hulk Hogan claimed that he was drowning in medical debt. Here's a snapshot of just what that battle looked like back in March: Lawyers for Hulk Hogan filed documents requesting $300,000 of ...
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  • An Increase In Job Losses May Cause More Seniors To File Bankruptcy

    Posted By admin || 4-Feb-2010

    Older workers have suffered terribly during this recession. On average it takes an older worker much longer than their younger counterparts to find new employment and employment that pays at least a living wage. And unfortunately, the number of unemployed older workers has increased dramatically. The number of unemployed workers age 55 to 64 has nearly tripled since the recession began, to about ...
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  • Will The Rising Cost Of Medical Insurance Cause More Bankruptcies?

    Posted By admin || 5-Jan-2010

    The cost of medical insurance has continued to rise, burdening both employers and workers. But as the economy worsens many experts are predicting that the cost of coverage could increase as much as 30 percent each year with many employers passing on the increased cost of health insurance to workers. Many workers, especially those who are living on tight budgets, will choose to drop their coverage ...
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  • What You Should Do When Medical Debt Strikes

    Posted By admin || 28-Dec-2009

    You have health insurance; but it's not adequate cover and now you have $100,000 in medical bills, what should you do? Millions of Americas with and without health insurance have filed bankruptcy because of medical debt. More than 62 percent of U.S. bankruptcies were caused medical debt. Here a few tips on how to handle medical debt when it strikes: If you are uninsured and are hit with medical ...
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  • COBRA Subsidy Ends For Millions Of Unemployed Americans

    Posted By admin || 3-Dec-2009

    COBRA subsidies that paid 65 percent of unemployed workers' health insurance premium have ended for 7 million unemployed Americans November 30 th. The subsidy which is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act lasts for 9 months from the date that an unemployed worker applies. But the first group of unemployed Americans receiving the subsidies has exhausted the time limit. Some ...
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  • Some Medical Debt The Result Of "Balance" Billing

    Posted By admin || 3-Nov-2009

    According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, even if you have medical insurance and go to an "in-network" hospital, you could still end up with a ton of medical debt due to a practice called "balance billing." In a nutshell, balance billing equals more medical debt for consumers who use "in-network" hospitals who in turn employ "out-of-network" medical staff. The medical professional may ...
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  • Debtors Credit Score Takes A Beating With Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 2-Nov-2009

    According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, medical debt can have a huge impact on a debtor's credit score affecting their ability to obtain home loans, credit cards as well as the interest rate they're offered. The article focuses on the story of Steve Smith who suffered a heart attack during a lapse in his health insurance. The article said: "When Steve Smith had a heart attack in 2006, ...
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  • Medical Update: More costs likely to be passed on to consumers.

    Posted By admin || 29-Oct-2009

    According to an article this Sunday in the Dallas Morning News, "It's open season, and time to rethink your health plan," this is the year to rework and review your health insurance coverage. Over the last several months, many workers crammed in last minute medical care in anticipation of job loss and thereby insurance coverage. As a result, insurance companies paid out a higher numbers of claims ...
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  • Company's Failure To Pay Health Insurance Leaves Employees Swimming In Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 26-Oct-2009

    According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, Pennsylvania's attorney general is suing Turbine Airfoil Designs, Inc. a Texas company, for allegedly not paying employees' health insurance premiums for five months despite the fact that the company was deducting a portion of the employees' paychecks for health insurance. Because of the company's failure to pay the insurance, Capital BlueCross ...
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  • Medical Debt A Leading Cause Of Bankruptcy For Half-Million Americans

    Posted By admin || 20-Oct-2009

    According to an article in the Star-Telegram, bankruptcy filings caused by medical debt are on the rise as the economy worsens and more Americans lose their jobs and by extension their medical insurance. The article features Tirra Jones, who recently filed Chapter 13 bankruptc y because of the stress and financial duress created by more than $200,000 in medical debt. The article said: "Last month, ...
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  • Will Retirees Face Medical Debt As Companies Cut Benefits?

    Posted By admin || 25-Sep-2009

    According to an article in the Star-Telegram, American Airlines is dropping health insurance benefits for it's non-union retirees over 65 year old as the company battles to avoid bankruptcy. The article said: "American officials said Tuesday that letters went out to 5,500 retirees last week. The insurance plan will end Dec. 31, leaving retirees with the option of paying the full cost of their own ...
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  • Six Million Uninsured Texans Stand On The Brink Of Medical Bankruptcy

    Posted By admin || 15-Sep-2009

    According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, the most recent U.S. Census Bureau figures states that Texas leads the nation in the percentage of residents without health insurance. More than 1 out of every 4 Texans are without health insurance, a total of 6 million residents and Texas leads the nation in the numbers of children who go without health insurance. The article said: "...Texas had ...
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  • Consumers are Becoming Delinquent on Loans at a Faster Rate than Ever Before

    Posted By admin || 11-Sep-2009

    Credit delinquency rates are at all-time highs according to the American Bankers Association. According to an article on Reuters, U.S. consumers are falling behind on loan payments at a faster rate than has ever been seen before. The mounting number of job losses is seen as a major reason why delinquent payments hit an all time high in the first quarter on both credit card payments and home equity ...
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  • Payday Loans: Saving Yourself Today by Buying Trouble for Tomorrow

    Posted By admin || 26-Aug-2009

    Increasingly, down-on-their-luck Americans are turning to companies who offer payday loans to make ends meet one month in the hopes that the next will be better, allowing them to pay off the amount of money they borrowed along with the interest charged by the payday lender. There's just one problem with that scenario. The sky-high interest rates often send the already strapped-for-cash borrower ...
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  • Medical Debt Threatens Hospital's Profitability

    Posted By admin || 12-Aug-2009

    According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, Texas Health, a $2.6 billion revenue hospital system with the largest market share in North Texas North was forced to implement job losses on Monday. Due to a sharp increase in the number of patients unable to pay their medical debt, Texas Health said they will implement additional job losses to protect its future viability. The article said: ...
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  • Healthcare Relief Through City of Forest Hill

    Posted By admin || 18-Jul-2009

    As the forces on Capitol Hill continue to hash out details regarding a national plan of attack for rising health care expenses, local governments are looking to find ways of their own to help their residents cope with the current healthcare and economic crisis. CBS 11 reported today that Forest Hill will begin offering free prescription drug discount cards. Forest Hill City Manager, David Miller, ...
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  • In The Hospital With No Health Insurance? Whatever You Do, Don't Charge It

    Posted By admin || 15-Jul-2009

    According to an article at CNN, the credit card companies are beginning to dabble in the medical debt business and many hospitals are more than happy to join the "party." The article said: "Now with high unemployment, consumers have to reach into their pockets even more to fund their health care." Americans spend an estimated $294 billion on annual out-of-pocket medical costs annually, to cover ...
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  • Save Now for Retirement Medical Expenses

    Posted By admin || 12-Jul-2009

    As if the current crisis of rising healthcare costs weren't enough to stress most of us, the Employee Benefits Research Institute announced the results of a study regarding the savings that a person will need upon retirement to pay for expenses not covered by Medicare and Medicaid. The results are different for men and women, because of longevity issues. A man retiring at the age of 65 in 2009 ...
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  • Medical Debt Goes Up as Recession Worsens

    Posted By admin || 22-Jun-2009

    According to an article in the Gazette, the amount of medical debt afflicting Americans is on the rise as the number of job losses mount and the recession worsens. That's why many Americans facing mounting medical debt are filing bankruptcy for relief. The article said: "A new national study showed that more than 60 percent of all personal bankruptcies in the country were related to medical ...
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  • Health Care Reform Tops Nation's Agenda

    Posted By admin || 15-Jun-2009

    According to an article in the Dallas-Morning News, health care reform is at the top of the new administration's list of priorities. The article said: The statistics explain part of the reason for the urgency: The U.S. spent an estimated $2.4 trillion on health care in 2008, or $7,900 per person - about twice the average of other developed nations. More than 45 million Americans lack health care ...
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  • You Cannot Be Denied Emergency Medical Treatment Because of Bankruptcy

    Posted By admin || 10-Jun-2009

    We've discussed previously how medical debt is one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy in the country. Medical debt is such a huge problem that many Americans are afraid that if they file bankruptcy a hospital or doctor that was included in the bankruptcy may refuse to treat them in an emergency situation. No hospital can refuse emergency treatment to any patient regardless of their income, credit ...
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  • Medical Debt Causes Two-Thirds Of Bankruptcies

    Posted By admin || 5-Jun-2009

    According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, nearly two-thirds of debtors who filed bankruptcy in 2007 cite illness and medical bills as the primary reason for their financial problems. And 77 percent of those bankrupt debtors had health insurance in the beginning of their illness; but lost it later. The article said: Four in 10 of the "medically bankrupt" had lost two or more weeks of wages ...
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  • Medical Debt Can Destroy Lives

    Posted By admin || 18-May-2009

    There's a must-read article in the Dallas Morning News, which features the stories of ordinary Texas residents who have faced mounting medical debt. Over 70 million Americans are either uninsured or underinsured which makes them very vulnerable to incurring massive amounts of medical debt. But this isn't the only population of Americans who are exposed to medical debt. Even those who are covered ...
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  • Uninsured Children Can Add To Mounting Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 12-May-2009

    According to an article in the Dallas Morning news, Texas has some of the largest numbers of children living with no healthcare in the nation. The article said: "Texas has policies that make it difficult for many to get (public) insurance," said Julia Easley, director of the advocacy program at Children's Medical Center Dallas. She said 1.5 million Texas children are uninsured. Families without ...
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  • Health Insurance Companies Move To Reduce Premiums For Women

    Posted By admin || 7-May-2009

    According to an article in the Star-Telegram, health insurance companies are offering to reduce rates for millions of women and accept close federal regulation of their industry in an effort to stop the move towards a universal healthcare plan. The article said: The industry is trying to head off creation of a government health plan that would compete with them to enroll middle-class workers and ...
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  • Being Underinsured Is A Well Traveled Road To Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 16-Apr-2009

    We often mention on this blog that medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in America. But there is another problem not often talked about that causes millions of Americans to unwittingly rack up medical debt--inadequate health insurance. Millions of Americans are signed up for health insurance policies that offer inadequate coverage. Just when they need the insurance benefits ...
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  • Health Insurance Companies Vie For A Captive Market

    Posted By admin || 25-Mar-2009

    According to an article in the Star-Telegram, the health insurance industry is offering to make several concessions in exchange for the government requiring all Americans to signup for private health insurance The article said: For the first time, the health-insurance industry offered Tuesday to curb its controversial practice of charging higher premiums to people with a history of medical ...
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  • Corporate Bankruptcy Burdens Workers With Medical Bills

    Posted By admin || 25-Feb-2009

    There's a very interesting article in the Rapid City Journal, which may serve as a sign of things to come. The article features the story of a family that is strapped with over $100,000 in medical bills because their employer went bankrupt. Jennifer Roberts was facing a cancer diagnosis; but since she and her husband were paying their medical insurance premiums they believed that the cancer ...
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  • More Texans Eating Fast Food May Create More Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 9-Feb-2009

    There's an interesting article in the Dallas Morning News which talks about how the fast-food industry is "recession resistant" because more Americans are going the cheaper albeit unhealthier route when eating out by eating fast-food more often. Raising Cane, a fast-food restaurant which serves only chicken fingers was featured as a success story in the midst of many retailers and restaurants ...
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  • Delaying Bankruptcy For Medical Reasons

    Posted By admin || 7-Jan-2009

    As we have often discussed on this blog, delaying an inevitable bankruptcy is rarely a good idea and can actually work against a debtor. But there are some circumstances that may warrant a delay in filing bankruptcy…pending medical expenses. If you're a debtor considering bankruptcy, you may want to delay filing bankruptcy if you have scheduled medical procedures that will create more debt. ...
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  • Americans Finding Creative Ways To Reduce Or Avoid Medical Debt

    Posted By admin || 1-Dec-2008

    Because of an increasingly unstable economy, many Americans are going without medical insurance, simply because they can't afford it. But if they're not careful the uninsured may face crushing medical debt from even the smallest illness. Because those without medical insurance depend on the emergency room to handle every type of illness from the flu to an infection, medical debt can quickly pile ...
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  • Bail Out Bill Covers Mental Health Medical Bills

    Posted By admin || 6-Oct-2008

    Buried deep within the novel length Bail Out bill passed last week, is a provision known as the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 requiring employers to equally cover mental health costs in their health coverage plans. The provision states that financial requirements and treatment limitations for mental health care, if covered, cannot be any ...
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  • Millions of Americans File Bankruptcy Due To Overwhelming Medical Bills

    Posted By Allmand Law Firm, PLLC || 18-Sep-2008

    Did you know that millions of Americans struggle to pay medical bills? That's shocking! In fact the Washington Post reported that 79 million Americans struggle to pay their medical bills. Nearly two-thirds of adult Americans reported that they struggled to pay medical bills or debt, had to refuse needed care due to cost, or were uninsured or underinsured, resulting in high out-of-pocket ...
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  • Bankruptcies Soar For Senior Citizens

    Posted By Allmand Law || 18-Sep-2008

    Even those born during the depression are finding this economy's downturn hard to bear. According to an article in the Associated Press the elderly are succumbing to bankruptcies as they face a rapidly rising cost of living. Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law School professor who was one of the authors of the study explains: "Older Americans are hit by a one-two punch of jobs and medical ...
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