Delaying Bankruptcy For Medical Reasons

As we have often discussed on this blog, delaying an inevitable bankruptcy is rarely a good idea and can actually work against a debtor. But there are some circumstances that may warrant a delay in filing bankruptcy…pending medical expenses. If you’re a debtor considering bankruptcy, you may want to delay filing bankruptcy if you have scheduled medical procedures that will create more debt. In that case, you may want to wait until after you have the medical procedure to file bankruptcy. Even if you have health insurance, any medical procedure can create more debt such as co-pays, deductibles and unexpected/unplanned emergencies or complications.

For example, if you or your spouse is pregnant, many variables can cause the cost of medical care to skyrocket such as; a premature delivery, an emergency cesarean or other complications. That’s why it is best to wait until after you or your spouse delivers the baby to file for bankruptcy.

But it’s not just pregnancy that can create medical debt, other procedures i.e. dental work, elective surgery or even routine check-ups can deliver medical debt to your doorstep unexpectedly. That’s why it is best to wait until after you’ve had medical procedures to file bankruptcy.

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