Uninsured Children Can Add To Mounting Medical Debt

According to an article in the Dallas Morning news, Texas has some of the largest numbers of children living with no healthcare in the nation.

The article said:

“Texas has policies that make it difficult for many to get (public) insurance,” said Julia Easley, director of the advocacy program at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. She said 1.5 million Texas children are uninsured.

Families without health insurance are at risk. Children get sick and without health insurance, one child’s illness can quickly morph into interest accruing medical debt . There are public health insurance programs for children but the eligibility is limited and the application process is so complicated that many parents need to fill out the forms several times just to get it right. The problem is probably going to worsen because more families are facing job losses and can’t afford to make the COBRA payments that would allow them to keep their health insurance.

Faced with job losses, foreclosure and other debts, many parents are simply risking it by not carrying health insurance. Many are paying price in the end once they or their child is faced with an illness. After an illness uninsured families quickly learn how medical debt can become as big of a problem as credit card debt or foreclosure.  Fortunately, there are laws that allow medical debt to be discharged in bankruptcy. If you have been saddled with medical debt please contact a Dallas-Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney today to find out how you can discharge medical debt in bankruptcy.

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