Your Credit Card Rights — What You Should Know

As the credit crunch worsens and lenders become more cautious about who they deem creditworthy, there a few things every credit card consumer should know about their rights.

  • A credit card consumer cannot be discriminated against because of their family status. For example if you are a single parent a credit card company cannot deny you access to credit because of your family status.
  • A credit card consumer has the right to challenge information on their monthly bill without the fear that their credit rating will be damaged. For example, if you are in a heated dispute with a credit card company about charges on your credit card they cannot place negative information on your credit report in retaliation.
  • A credit card company is prohibited from discriminating against a credit card consumer because he/she is a senior citizen. For example, a credit card company cannot limit credit card access because a credit card consumer has turned 62.

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