Two Sources For Free Tax Assistance

File TaxesAre you delaying filing your taxes because of a lack of money?  Well there are a few free resources you can use to file your taxes for free.

  1. AARP Tax-Aide – Despite what the name may suggest, this program is not just for senior citizens.  AARP Tax-Aide is available for all taxpayers of all ages and income levels. Local volunteers who are trained in tax preparation and certified by the IRS will file your taxes for free.  Call 888-227-7669 to find locations and make an appointment.  Or, you can visit here  and submit a tax question online.
  2. VITA – VITA is a tax preparation service that helps families earning $49,000 a year or less and military servicemembers file their taxes.    This tax service is free and available in both English and Spanish. No appointment is necessary; but you can call 800-829-1040 or a 211 operator to find locations and times the tax service is available.

And of course you can always go to and file your taxes using their online system or one of their printable forms.  The IRS website includes a ton of free and useful information for filing your taxes.  Remember, if you file your tax return electronically and use automatic deposit, your tax refund could be deposited into your account in as little as 10 days.

So if you are tempted to take out a tax refund loan, just remember that you could get your refund in as little as 2 weeks without the loan.  Also, if you owe taxes and are unable to pay, you can still file your taxes now, as long as your pay by April 15, 2010 you can avoid a penalty.  You can also request an extension for filing or paying your taxes.

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