Can I Claim Unemployment if I Do Not Have Childcare?

Can I Claim Unemployment if I Do Not Have Childcare?

Leaving your job involuntarily usually leaves workers ineligible to collect unemployment benefits.  Losing your job at no fault of your own makes one eligible but depending on state regulations and personal circumstances, you could be eligible for payment if your job loss is related to limited or no child care availability.

When you apply for unemployment, you should have a good reason why you are seeking benefit payments.  The reason should be connected directly with your job.  If you are unable to obtain child care, the reason alone may not qualify for approval.  On the other hand, if the job had a night shift or daycare availability is limited in your area, you could qualify.

Upon applying for unemployment compensation, you may be required to provide proof that your employer was aware of your child care situation.  You’ll have to report that your employer wasn’t able to adjust the work schedule due to your situation.  In some cases, this may vary.  Sometimes an employee needs time off to care for a family member with a serious illness.  Employers may allow for temporary time off or family leave allowing an employee to care for their child.

If you experienced a difficult time in leaving your job related to the needs of your child and you suspect discrimination, this may also be good cause for receiving unemployment but proof may need to be provided.  Other reasons for leaving employment may be related to domestic disputes or medical conditions if you child needs special care during the day.  Contact the unemployment agency for details.

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