Can You Sue Over a Verbal Contract?

Can You Sue over a Verbal Agreement

Can You Sue Over a Verbal Contract or Agreement?

The question on whether you can sue over a verbal contract or agreement comes up quite often. All you have to do is watch an episode of People’s Court or Judge Judy to see that yes, you can sue over a verbal agreement. The problem is you have to prove your case which, because it’s not in writing can be difficult but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prove it.

And proving your case is really where the hard work comes in and it’s up to you entirely. The defendant in your case can actually get away without saying a thing because they don’t have to prove they’re innocent, you have to prove they have not held up their end of the contract.

If you have witnesses make sure you bring them to court with you, the judge may want to ask them questions and having a signed statement is nowhere as good as having them there. If you have text messages, emails, phone messages or anything else that is written to back up your claims make sure you save it both on your mobile device and a printed copy if you can.

Also, if the verbal contract was over a loan and the defendant made some payments towards it, make sure you bring proof that they made payments. It’s hard to deny a loan happened when they have already made some effort to repay it. And never, ever lie about how much you’re owed or how much has been paid back because you could just end up looking like you’re trying to take advantage of the situation and your case may be thrown out.

For future reference, if there is a verbal contract, follow it up immediately with an email so you can get something in writing just in case this situation ever arises again. And if you want to avoid the situation entirely, get everything in writing.

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