Common Mistakes on Medical Bills

We often suggest that our readers take the time to review all of their medical bills in detail to see if there are any errors. Medical billing errors are quite often a reason for insurance companies to deny payment. It’s one of those denials that can successfully be fought and won, this can mean the difference between small payments you were due and thousands and thousands of dollars.

Common Mistakes on Medical Bills

So what are the main areas you need to check on when reviewing your medical bills and insurance submissions?

Personal Information

It seems like the most obvious place to start, so definitely start there. Check your personal information to make sure your name, address, insurance ID numbers and other personal information is correct. This is a quick mistake to fix and if your name is wrong an insurance claim will be sent back right away.

Services Performed

When you check the services performed section of your medical bill you may have to ask for help from your healthcare provider’s office to see what the codes and charges mean. Make sure that these service line up with what you actually had done and that there aren’t any additional charges or duplications. This may not mean a lot to the insurance company but if you’re being overcharged you sure need to know.


The diagnosis you’re assigned for your illnesses are also another are where you’ll probably need to get clarification from your healthcare provider’s office. Having the right and/or wrong diagnosis can affect your insurance payouts and it’s important that all of your medical records are accurate for future reference.

More and more medical offices are turning to electronic health records or EHR to handle billing, this means it’s even more important than ever to double check each bill you get as this will stay on your record and mistakes may cause serious problems later on.