Delinquent Taxpayers to Pay Collection Fees

Delinquent Taxpayers to Pay Collection Fees

When it comes to paying taxes, the last thing we want are more fees. It is bad enough we need to deal with tax debt, but to have fees added on puts us even further in debt! While there are all sorts of different types of fees, out of the state of Oregon delinquent taxpayers will owe additional fees.

In next to no time, fees are to be charged to delinquent taxpayers in regards to tax debt collection. These fees are collected by firms tasked to gather taxes which are not paid, such as the fees of Oregon Department of Revenue. Delinquent taxpayers will be charged starting Saturday, October 1.

This may be able to be avoided however, not everyone will be able to pay up immediately. To avoid these fee collections, everyone who owes taxes are advised to pay in full prior to October 1. Around 200,000 taxpayers are being notified via mail sent by the department, which contains an announcement regarding these changes. Moreover, people who are not involved with private collection firms and cannot come up with enough money for paying debts in full may coordinate with the department for assistance. Of course, not everyone will be able to do so.

Within the state of Oregon, up to 67% of the overall tax balance may be charged by these private collection firms. The department has gathered about $415,000 during the previous year in fee collections.  Tax fees can become such a burden when you ware trying to pay off your tax debt because instead of lowering your debt, it continues to go up. Often times these fees simply unavoidable and we are obligated to find other ways in getting rid of our tax debt.

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