Help to Detect Medical Billing Errors

Help to Detect Medical Billing Errors

 Need Help Detecting Medical Billing Errors?

We often tell our readers that reviewing their medical bills for errors is essential, that it can help them get payments from their insurance company and save money on medical bills. It seems that this task has opened the doors for some entrepreneurs to start a business dedicated to helping people review their medical bills. CoPatient provides free audits of medical bills, searching for billing errors and overcharges. Their aim is to reduce costs and determine if any of the charges can be appealed.

 While there are other companies who offer similar services, CoPatient uses a “crowd sourcing” approach to differentiate their business. They take the information they’ve learned from claims and then apply that knowledge to the next set of claims that come their way. They’ve developed an intuitive way to learn from medical bills and help those down the line.

The company’s founders both worked in the healthcare field previously and understand how truly confusing medical bills can be, especially when there are several treatments, diagnoses and dates of service. Add to that the fact that there may be more than one insurance company involved and you’ve got a mess of paperwork and codes that are difficult to navigate through.

While CoPatient offers free audits it does have paid tier levels for people who need additional support. While the services they offer are incredible and very helpful for people struggling with medical debt, their greatest contribution is most likely their ability to inspire patients to get involved in their medical bills and pay attention to their charges.

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