Medical Bills Up to Seven FiguresIn 2010, Steven Stacey was in a very bad car accident involving his cousin and two friends. Although his mother, Michelle, was notified she did not get much detail when the accident occurred. As her son fought for his life and underwent an operation at the Saint Francis Medical Center in Missouri, Michelle did what any other parent would do. She did not worry about the medical costs associated with his injuries as long as it helped her child. Cost did not even cross her mind when it came to her son’s life.

Although his life was saved, unfortunately saving her child’s life came at a high cost as many severe injuries or illnesses do. Those hospital bills certainly added up quickly. When he was found at the scene of the accident, he was thrown from the car and suffered internal bleeding. He also had a pulverized spleen, and was even in a coma for a short period of time. He suffered from brain bleeds, fractures in his back, as well as a broken collarbone. His left lung had collapsed while his right lung had bruising.

The medical charges from the center for his two week stay at the hospital ended up costing over $422,000, this according to Michelle’s insurance statements. The bills didn’t stop there, he was then transferred to a hospital in St. Louis for an additional six weeks allowing his medical bills to reach seven figures.

Stacey is just one of the many who face either a life threatening illness or injury and end up owing a million or more in medical debt . If you are in medical debt whether you owe hundreds, thousands, or millions, you should seek help from a legal professional. They can provide helpful advice and go over options so you can decide how to get rid of your medical debt.

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