Medical Debt of a Victim

Unfortunately with medical bills they don’t solely rack up from falling ill or injuring yourself in an accident. There are some that face medical bills because they became a victim to a crime. When a crime occurs, such as a mugging, the ambulance is called and you are rushed to the emergency room (if necessary) leaving you with medical debt. There are some ways you can choose to handle these bills, however. For example, some people will sue the muggers for the amount owed and more. That is if the criminal was caught.

A great piece of advice would be to contact a crime assistance program which every state has. There are online resources that can help point you in the right direction. Some agencies will actually pay for your medical bills either in full or partially if the patient was a victim of a crime. This also includes ambulance costs. Another benefit to contacting these agencies is that they also offer support groups and counseling.

If you were stuck with the ambulance bill, another option is to speak to the ambulance company. They may be willing to negotiate your bills or offer financial assistance. Regardless of how you handle your medical bills that were obtained from a crime, you should without a doubt get help as soon as possible.

The numbers of individuals that are underinsured have increased to about 25 million over the last four years. Along with the 3 million that are not insured at all, if you become a victim to a crime, chances are likely you will face a large medical bill. Just as an illness or injury brought on by an accident, it is not fair that you need to not only be impacted psychology from being a victim, but on top of that, worry about the medical debt. That is why you should do a little digging and try to find assistance from programs that help victims with their medical debt.

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