Medical Errors and Medication Mix-ups Affect Medical Debt

Medical Errors and Medication Mix-ups Affect Medical DebtHospitals are incorporated into modern day society to help people feel better. However, after some alarming studies done on hospitals, uncovered were some pretty horrific events. There are a lot of people that are looking into becoming their own health advocates.

In recent years, various errors performed in treatment have caused the amount of medical debt to rise throughout the United States. Problems ranging from a patient receiving the wrong body parts to medication mix-ups are happening frequently, and taxpayers are being forced to pay for the ignorance of these professionals.

Studies show that roughly 1.5 million patients are given the wrong medications for their conditions. Not only does this hurt the patient that was mistreated, but it also takes funds that should not be taken out of the budgets that most hospitals are given. When the money that a hospital has been given to operate has diminished, the hospital will borrow more money from outside sources to keep their facility running.

The money that the hospitals borrow will only add to the amount of medical debt that the United States presently has to deal with. Changes are being made to try to rectify the amount of errors that hospitals and other medical clinics are allowing to slip by.

There are more than 3000 hospitals that have signed a new campaign that was presented by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. This new campaign mandates that hospital staff perform multiple checks on medications before they are given to patients.Even though the system has shown improvement, it is too soon to know if the improvements are going to make any changes to the debts that these institutions have incurred over the time that they did not have the system in play. In order to prevent harm to themselves, patients are advised to always have a friend, patient advocate, or family member by their side if they are going through a surgical procedure or being administered any type of medication.

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