Where to Turn if You Have Medical Debt

Where to Turn if You Have Medical Debt

When you have mounting medical bills and are struggling to regain your health it’s easy to feel isolated, alone, and down on your luck. This is one of those times in life where you need to reach out to others and ask for help. No one should feel bad about asking for help when they need it. And even if you’re willing to ask for help, many people don’t actually know who or where to turn, especially when it comes to dealing with your medical bills.

The following suggestions are people that could possibly help you with your medical bills:


It depends on your relationship with your friends and family and their financial situation, but the people that are closest to you can often offer the most help and support. Be honest about your problems and ask your friends and family for help.

 Healthcare Providers

Your doctors and your healthcare provider’s billing office can be extremely helpful if you have medical bills you can’t afford. This should be one of your first contacts, let them know your concerns and ask them what they can do to help.

 Service Organizations

Look around your community for a rotary group or a lion’s club or some other organization that can help you financially with your medical bills and may be able to help you with any medical devices or support you may need in the future.

 Charitable Organizations

If you have a specific diagnosis, like breast cancer, see if there are any groups locally, regionally and nationally that are willing to offer assistance to people with your medical condition.


If you belong to a church you may want to let them know about your situation. Many churches not only offer some financial assistance but they may organize benefits or drives to help you cover your future medical bills.

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