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Buyers Remorse? Cancel That Mortgage!

Posted By admin || 8-Dec-2008

Did you sign mortgage papers on what you suspect to be a toxic loan? In other words, bad for your bottom-line! Well the law states that you have three days to cancel a mortgage after signing the papers. If you signed a mortgage and the papers had certain problems you may be able to cancel the mortgage even after three years.

Problems that might justify the cancellation of a mortgage include:

  • An incorrectly calculated APR on the mortgage papers
  • The absence of a Truth in Lending Disclosure
  • The absence of the word "monthly" in the payment schedule of the mortgage
  • The absence of the notice informing the borrower of his/her right to cancel the mortgage within 3 days
  • If the company convinced you to sign the mortgage papers using unfair or deceptive tactics

Speak with a bankruptcy attorney to find out if your mortgage might be eligible for cancellation.

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