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What Will I Owe After Bankruptcy?

Posted By admin || 16-Oct-2009

debt and bankruptcy

When a debtor files bankruptcy there are debts that are dischargeable and other debts that cannot be discharged during bankruptcy.

Let's take a look at some of the things you may still need to pay after your bankruptcy discharge:

  • Student Loans - If you file bankruptcy and owe student loans , they will most likely not be discharged in bankruptcy unless you were able to prove that repayment would be an unreasonable burden.
  • Child Support -  Even if child support payments would be a burden to repay, filing bankruptcy will not get rid of them.
  • Certain Tax Obligations - Although taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy , they must meet certain criteria. Since every bankruptcy case is different discuss your tax liabilities with your bankruptcy attorney before filing.
  • Mortgage -  When filing bankruptcy, you may be able to save your home from foreclosure . However you still need to pay the mortgage as agreed to avoid a future foreclosure after your bankruptcy discharge.
  • Car Payment - Like your home, you can often keep your car during a bankruptcy; but you still need to pay the note.  After your bankruptcy discharge, if you decide to keep your car you will be required to pay the note or face repossession .
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