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  • What Happens to Joint Property in Bankruptcy?

    Posted By admin || 28-Dec-2012

    Joint Property and Bankruptcy If you are considering bankruptcy protection as a married individual you may have concerns about joint property and whether or not it can be protected from creditors. The outcome of your case may depend on the chapter you file, the state you live in, if you file on your own or with your spouse and ownership of property. If You File Your Case Alone If you choose to ...
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  • Fraudulent Credit Card Charges in Bankruptcy

    Posted By admin || 26-Dec-2012

    Bankruptcy and Fraudulent Credit Card Charges Credit card debt is one of the most common forms of debt that is discharged or eliminated in bankruptcy. While bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can eliminate qualifying debt, if a credit card company senses fraud in your case, this may reduce chances of the debtor getting debt discharged. So what is the difference between card charges that are ...
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  • What Are Bankruptcy Options for Small Businesses?

    Posted By admin || 21-Dec-2012

    Bankruptcy Options for Small Businesses If you are a small business owner struggling to pay debt obligations you may be considering bankruptcy as an option. There are different bankruptcy filings to consider that are based on how your business is organized. It helps to get a better understanding of each bankruptcy option before making the decision to file. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy An option for ...
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  • Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protect Accident Insurance Proceeds?

    Posted By admin || 20-Dec-2012

    Bankruptcy and Accident Insurance Proceeds If you received proceeds due to an accident you were involved in, there are issues to consider that can affect their protection eligibility in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Depending on when the accident took place and why the proceeds were paid, bankruptcy exemptions may protect proceeds from creditors. An issue that will be under review includes when the ...
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  • How is the Film Industry Avoiding Bankruptcy?

    Posted By admin || 19-Dec-2012

    The film industry's annual ticket sales have declined almost every year since 2002 but gross annual revenue has doubled. If fewer people are going to the movies, how is the industry avoiding bankruptcy?
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