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Fix Mistakes on Medical Bills

Posted By admin || 23-Apr-2012

Fix Mistakes on Medical Bills

Do you know that even a small error in the spelling of your name, your address or a couple inverted numbers can affect how, or if, your insurance company pays your medical bills. We can't stress strongly enough how important it is to check each of your medical bills to make sure that they are accurate, from the spelling of your name through to the charges and diagnoses.

The first things you should review when you get a medical bill are the things that are obvious to you, your personal information, the doctor(s) you saw, and the dates of care. When it gets to the more difficult aspects of your bill like your diagnosis, the diagnostic codes, the procedures and procedural codes and the like, you will probably have to contact your medical healthcare provider to see if they can help you decipher the charges to make sure that they're accurate.

The double checking doesn't stop there, you need to go over your insurance company's explanation of benefits form with an equally fine toothed comb. Checking up on your insurance company is your responsibility, so you may have to call them to get a better understanding of their denials and cross check their reasons against your insurance policy to make sure your claims are being handled correctly. The mistakes made in regard to medical bills do not just occur on the part of your healthcare provider, insurance companies make just as many mistakes and it's your job to make sure they're paying appropriately.

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