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Can I Collect Unemployment if I Quit Due to Stress or Health Reasons?

Posted By admin || 7-Jun-2012

Can I Collect Unemployment if I Quit Due to Stress or Health Reasons?

Unemployment benefits often require a worker to lose their job not at the fault of their own. Quitting your job may be another situation entirely. Often, quitting employment may not make you eligible but under certain circumstances you may be eligible depending on state regulations. You have to be able to work in order to collect so if you left due to stress, you'll have to demonstrate you will be able to work under less stressful conditions.

The unemployment agency will review your medical situation to see if it was in fact serious enough for you to leave. If you quit due to "medically documented" reasons, you may be eligible for unemployment. This may include suffering a condition that is trigger by stress. You may have to report actions you did in order to seek less stressful duties.

A medically documented reason refers to visiting your doctor during your time of employment. You may be eligible if your doctor recommended you change your job. It's important to visit your doctor and review your situation before deciding to quit. You may need to present medical documentation when your job loss occurs to apply for benefits.

Since you are required to engage in job searching on a regular basis to qualify for benefits, payments may be suspended until you become physically active. You are not guaranteed to be eligible for the full amount of benefits or you may be eligible to receive them for a specific time period. It may also help to seek time off from your employer before leaving your place of employment. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act you may get up to 12 weeks off with job protection.

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