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Life After A Personal Bankruptcy: What You Can Expect

Posted By Allmand Law Firm, PLLC || 6-Mar-2017

Filing for a personal bankruptcy can be a major life event. After all, for six to nine months, or even longer in some cases, you are expected to provide bankruptcy courts and lawyers with all of your financial documentation and meet obligations established by the court. You may constantly worried about whether or not your personal bankruptcy case will be approved and let's not forget the fact that you may feel like your finances are under constant supervision. With this in mind, it's no wonder individuals eagerly look forward to life after a personal bankruptcy. However, it is important to note that life after bankruptcy does not automatically change everything or that there can’t be filled with as many unexpected circumstances.

Allmand Law Firm, PLLC has helped numerous clients navigate their personal bankruptcy during times when they felt there was little hope in sight. By educating them about their rights, guiding them step by step through the process, and handling the challenging legal work on their behalf, we enable clients to obtain the financial fresh start they so desperately needed.

While we know bankruptcy can be a powerful and life-changing tool, we also know that what transpires after a bankruptcy case has been concluded can be just as important. As such, our legal team goes the extra mile to provide clients with the knowledge, insight, and resources they need to manage their finances well as they head down the road to financial freedom. Consider the following:

Be Prepared for a Fresh Start

For many people, the thought of life after a personal bankruptcy comes with many fears and anxieties. These people believe that they may never be able to get a loan again, or that they will be judged by the community for filing for bankruptcy.

However, this is certainly the wrong way to approach life after a personal bankruptcy. For starters, the debt discharged at the end of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case, as well as payments made toward debt in repayment plans, can provide a clean slate for you to must easily meet obligations and save money. Additionally, bankruptcy’s impact to your credit is not permanent, and with diligence and financial responsibility, many people who once filed for bankruptcy are able to obtain credit cards and loans. Your personal information regarding bankruptcy is available for public use, but it is unlikely anyone will spend the time to sift through court record to out you and your bankruptcy.

Ultimately, bankruptcy should be views as a positive endeavor that clears the path for future success. You don’t have to be considered about a lasting impact or how it may affect your reputation when you use it to build your finances to an even stronger level than they were before.

No More Creditor Harassment

Imagine what it will be like to pick up your phone without fear, or opening the mail without worrying what demands you'll face from debt collection harassment. For many people, this is a welcomed relief after a personal bankruptcy. Creditors won’t be able to collect from you when the automatic stay is implemented after a filing, and when debts have been discharged at the conclusion of your case.

Life After Bankruptcy Should be Embraced, Not Feared

The best thing you can do when preparing for life after bankruptcy is to view the experience as a positive one that will help you as you move forward in life, practice smart financial sensibility, and build your financial well-being. Bankruptcy, after all, was created to help unfortunate debtors, not unfairly punish them. Embrace life and financial responsibility after bankruptcy, and you can achieve the bright future you dreamed of.

Learn more about getting started on your journey toward financial stability by speaking with an experienced Dallas bankruptcy attorney from Allmand Law Firm, PLLC. Call today for a FREE financial empowerment session.

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