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I Don't Get Paid Until After The Trustee Payment is Due. Can I Get My Payment Moved Back?

Video Transcription: Question I Do Not Get Paid Until After The Trustee Payment Is Due. Can I Get My Payment Moved Back Until After I Am Paid? Answer Once your bankruptcy case is filed that determines your bankruptcy plan payment. If you file on the first of the month your payment is due thirty days after that. So your payment is going to be due on the thirty first or thirty days after the filing every single month thereafter. you are not able to change your bankruptcy plan payment. However if you go under a wage directive then every time your wages are garnished it'll come directly out of your wages and be sent to the trustee. So it's very important to get that first received payment in on time, and then going forward if you're having your bankruptcy payment deducted from your paycheck you'll be able to pay that on different dates but your plan payment will not change.

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