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How to Stop Repossession

Can Bankruptcy Help Stop Repossession? Bankruptcy and Auto Repossession Bankruptcy is designed to protect individuals or businesses that are unable to meet their financial obligations — and provide protection to involved creditors as well. While bankruptcy is a serious procedure and should only be considered if absolutely necessary, sometimes it is the best solution for [...]

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How to Get Rid of Medical Debt

Nearly one million Americans file for bankruptcy each year because of medical debt. A sudden illness or accident could put you underwater overnight. And while bankruptcy is not the only option, it remains one of the most powerful tools that debtors have to find financial relief. In this article, we discuss how to get rid of [...]

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Can You File Bankruptcy on Medical Bills?

  When medical debt becomes unmanageable, it can be recipe for financial ruin. But can you file bankruptcy on medical bills? Yes — in fact, it’s one of the primary reasons most people file bankruptcy. Below, we discuss the process of eliminating medical debt through both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Medical Debt Is a Leading Factor in Bankruptcy Filings [...]

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Medical Bill Debt

Medical Bill Debt up to Seven Figures In 2010, Steven Stacey was in a very bad car accident involving his cousin and two friends. Although his mother, Michelle, was notified she did not get much detail when the accident occurred. As her son fought for his life and underwent an operation at the Saint Francis [...]

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How to Reduce Medical Debt

Detecting Medical Billing Errors Can Help You Reduce Debt Need Help Detecting Medical Billing Errors? We often tell our readers that reviewing their medical bills for errors is essential, that it can help them get payments from their insurance company and save money on medical bills. To learn more about how to reduce medical debt, [...]

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Debt Due to Medical Bills

Medical Update: More costs likely to be passed on to consumers According to an article this Sunday in the Dallas Morning News, "It's open season, and time to rethink your health plan," this is the year to rework and review your health insurance coverage. Over the last several months, many workers crammed in last minute [...]

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Medical Debt Bankruptcy

A Deeper Look at Medical Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is a big decision to make as it can save you from financial ruin. If you're thinking about filing for bankruptcy due to your medical debt , you should take a deeper look and review the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy. The first thing to realize is [...]

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Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

How to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy Many people avoid bankruptcy because they have heard the stories of how bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 7-10 years. They believe that this will ruin any chances of ever having a good credit score. Untrue. In fact when you file bankruptcy and receive your immediate debt relief you [...]

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Texas Bankruptcy Exemptions

Considering filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Texas? You may have several questions about how the process works and how it will affect your financial future. Many people assume that filing for bankruptcy will cost them everything they own, but there are in fact several protections available to help filers keep more of their [...]

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Credit Card Lawsuit

What can you lose in a credit card lawsuit? Debt can grow out of control for a variety of reasons. An extended illness, a visit to the ER, or a loss of a job can saddle you with debt you can’t repay overnight. Add to this student loans, unsecured debts and mortgage for more than [...]

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