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Dallas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Are you struggling to overcome your debt? If so, now is the time to act. With the help of a bankruptcy lawyer from Allmand Law Firm, PLLC, you can work toward the fresh start you deserve. As the largest bankruptcy filing firm in the state, we have already helped thousands of individuals seek relief from their debt. Now, we are ready to help you.

How Allmand Law Firm, PLLC can help with your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case:

  • Our lead attorney is a board certified bankruptcy specialist
  • Our legal team has over two decades of experience
  • We have been featured on Fox News, ABC & CBS News
  • We’ve handled tens of thousands of bankruptcies in Texas

Understanding Liquidation Bankruptcy

When most people think about bankruptcy, they are probably thinking about Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Also called “straight bankruptcy” or “liquidation bankruptcy,” Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the filer to discharge most if not all of his or her unsecured debt.

Examples of unsecured debt include, but are not limited to:

  • Credit card debt
  • Unpaid utility bills
  • Medical expenses
  • Some back taxes
  • Wage garnishments
  • Auto repossession

What are the Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Generally, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process can be completed in few short months. During this time, non-exempt assets will be liquidated and the proceeds will be used to repay your creditors. Any remaining unsecured debts will be discharged at the end of your bankruptcy, and you will have the chance to move forward with a clean slate. Request a free consultation with the Dallas Chapter 7 attorneys at our firm to find out more.

Other benefits of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy include:

  • The automatic stay will protect you from debt collections
  • Most, if not all, of your unsecured debts will be discharged
  • There is no limit to the amount of debt you can have
  • You will not be required to follow a debt repayment plan

How to Determine if You Qualify for Chapter 7

Not everyone will qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A “means test” was introduced in order to ensure that those capable of paying back what they owe do so under the right bankruptcy chapter. The means test examines the applicant’s disposable income and measures his or her income against the median household income in the area. Request a free consult with the Dallas Chapter 7 attorneys at our firm to find out more.

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

  • Step #1: You must undergo credit counseling within 180 days before filing
  • Step #2: As soon as you file your petition, the automatic stay will go into effect
  • Step #3: 20-40 days after you file, a creditors meeting will take place
  • Step #4: After the creditors meeting, you will have 45 days to reaffirm debts
  • Step #5: You must also complete a second credit counseling course within 45 days
  • Step #6: Debts will typically be discharged within three to four months

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