An accident with a taxi is often more difficult than an accident with a private vehicle. The taxi company can be worth a lot of money to pay for your damages, which means they’ll try harder to remove themselves from liability. After an accident that wasn’t your fault, you might wonder who will pay the bills for your damages and medical costs. There are several avenues available for you; just be prepared for a long journey towards getting rightfully compensated.

Personal Insurance 

The state of the taxi driver is often what determines who will pay your bills. If the driver was not currently working (aka, they had an empty taxi), then you can file a claim with their personal insurance. This works no differently than if you had gotten in an accident with any other person.

Taxi Insurance 

The only way you can try to make a claim with the taxi company’s insurance is if the driver was working at the time of the accident. Since taxi drivers are considered independent contractors, this means that they must have had a passenger in their taxi or been on their way to pick one up when they hit you. The driver is then linked to the company’s insurance, and you can make a claim with them.


In order to make a claim with either the driver’s or the taxi company’s insurances, you must be able to prove that the taxi driver caused the accident by being careless — or negligent — on the road. Though it might seem obvious to you, their insurance may try to fight your claim by saying you were also partially negligent for the crash. Depending on the state you live in, this could greatly reduce your compensation amount or prevent you from obtaining it completely.


To prove that the other driver was negligent, there are some key pieces of evidence you can collect at the place of the accident. You can request the police report, talk to people who saw the accident and get their statements, and take photos. While it may seem like a hassle amongst everything else that is going on, you’ll thank yourself later for having it as proof of what happened.

If you’re struggling to make your case, or if you haven’t gotten anywhere with insurance, schedule an appointment with a car accident lawyer, like an auto accident lawyer in Washington, DC from Cohen & Cohen. You can hire one at any time during your claims process to get legal guidance on how to get most of your bills paid.